Sponsors and Donors

There are many opportunities for businesses and organisations to support Rosehaven in ways that benefit both the community and your business, including:

  1. Pledge an annual, tax deductible donation or a percentage of your organisation’s annual income to support the long term operational costs of Rosehaven, thus preserving this compassionate community asset
  2. Offer pro-bono or discounted services and be forever recorded as a supporter in our inscribed paving entrance path
  3. Sponsor a Rosehaven wage (manager, after-hours nurse, gardener etc) or a bedroom with naming rights and have your brand included in our website and social media
  4. Make a monthly direct-debit to the Rosehaven bank account and receive a “We Support Rosehaven Hospice Ltd” sticker for your front of business and have your branding in our social media
  5. Contact us to talk about other ways your business can support Rosehaven an help work to make our community a kinder, more compassionate place to live and die.

Rosehaven is immeasurably grateful for the wonderful support from the following organisations:

Rosehaven is also indebted to all its individual donors, big and small, for their contributions both financial and in-kind, which is the lifeblood that keeps Rosehaven going. For privacy reasons they are not listed on a public website.

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